The Fed’s Battle Against the Labor Market: A Turning Point for Interest Rates?

With unemployment now surpassing 4%, the Fed’s influence on the economy, particularly the housing market, is becoming increasingly significant …

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Real Estate? – 2024 Mid-year Housing Market Overview

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7 Transaction Killers That Can Be Avoided.

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Is a Lawsuit Similar To NAR Brewing in the Mortgage World?

A class-action lawsuit has been initiated against United Wholesale Mortgage (UWM), alleging coercion …

Navigating the Implications of the NAR Ruling:

We’ve been closely monitoring the fallout from this decision at Ritter Mortgage, hearing perspectives from agents…

Next Generation Down Payment Assistance

From a loan originator’s point of view, Down Payment Assistance Programs, or DPAs, have … [READ MORE]

The Cost of Waiting to Buy

When buyers lose out repeatedly, their enthusiasm for continuing to make… [READ MORE]

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