Ritter Mortgage proved to be the most efficient and professional people I had the pleasure to know and work with. All I can say is they keep you updated, are open to any questions and dialogue, great feedback and overall very helpful and professional. My experience with them is top notch. 👍
Ion Rotari Avatar
Ion Rotari
The work Ritter Mortgage did was amazing. The caring they put into getting us our new house is beyond what we could have expected. We will be eternally grateful for what they did and highly recommended them to anyone looking to buy a home. Thank you Colette Evan's, Joseph Smith, Kim Irvine and of course our realtor Mark Hite.
Christina Lear Avatar
Christina Lear
I don't have suitable words to thank Ritter Mortgage, their customer service, their knowledge, and their passion are unlike anything I have ever seen. They are not just doing their job, they make you fee, the buyer, as if you are the only person in the world and they are working solely for you. Colette Evans, Joseph Smith, Kim Evans are fantastic at their job and the care they put into getting my family and I a home. After years of paying rent, now thanks to Ritter Mortgage we will be investing in ourselves. And of course my realtor Mark Hite, outstanding, wish there were more stars to give, thank you, thank you, and again thank you, will never forget how great you have been.
Igarin Avatar
Ritter Mortgage Group was extremely knowledgeable on what type of loans I qualified and which one would likely be the best. Having an informed expert by your side who you can trust is really important to me, and we were very happy with the results. We usually have certain bank help with out loans, however Ritter Mortgage Group won out future business as well. Not only did they help us compete for the BEST rate, they succeeded! They also must have remembered we recently had baby and sent us a great book for him. Highly recommend and will be sending all our friends and family over!
Chris “The Hammer” Hammer Avatar
Chris “The Hammer” Hammer
Ritter mortgage was amazing to work with. We would never work with anyone else going forward! They were constantly keeping us up to date and reaching out to make sure things were moving along during this very busy time. They made the process so easy and enjoyable and as first time homebuyers we couldn’t be more grateful for the seamless experience they provided us!
Hannah Baseman Avatar
Hannah Baseman
Ritter Mortgage Group and our broker, Brian were amazing! They made a way for us to have everything we needed every step of the way to make our new home dreams come true. They also had a personal touch of thank you cards, gifts, and messages along the way to remind us that they cared and that they are grateful we chose them in this season of our life. If you're on the hunt for your next mortgage needs, look no further than Ritter Mortgage group. They will take care of you. My husband and I highly recommend them! Especially Brian Atha who we were blessed to work with.
Kristin Russell Avatar
Kristin Russell
The process was quick and easy with lots of communication. When we were approved our options were explained to us simply without any pressure one way or the other. Definitely would recommend or use again in the future.
Marcylen Ellison Avatar
Marcylen Ellison
I wanted to move quickly the Brian and the rest of the team made that happen seamlessly! They were eager to answer and help walk me confidently though any questions or concerns I had. Pleasant experience form beginning to end.
Tyler Connell Avatar
Tyler Connell
Kara has been absolutely fantastic to work with! She’s incredibly knowledgeable and I can always count on her to answer the phone if I have a question. She goes above and beyond for her customers and truly values helping people. I would highly recommend her!
Adrianna Wood Avatar
Adrianna Wood
Brian is extremely knowledgeable & answered all the questions I had. He was very patient and explained everything in detail with my husband and I as we were first time home buyers. I highly recommend him.
Ciera Guillory Avatar
Ciera Guillory
Brian is extremely knowledgeable and patient. He takes the time needed to inform and educate all parties whenever needed so that there are no questions left unanswered. He is extremely professional, proficient and prompt. Ritter Mortgage is known for moving the process along so that loans can close quickly and settlement dates can occur earlier. Brian is a wonderful representation of the high quality reputation Ritter Mortgage has earned. I highly recommend Brian and Ritter Mortgage to all buyers.
Sally Hechter Avatar
Sally Hechter
Amazing experience! Thank you, Michael Tyler and Thomas Armaly. They took amazing care of me and were super communicative! I felt extremely supported during a huge milestone- buying my first home!!
Carly Spangler Avatar
Carly Spangler
This WHOLE team went above and beyond to help get us as good of a deal as we could possibly get, while also being very understanding of first time home buyers and very responsive to any questions or updates needed. They make it their priority to work with and for you, while being kind as they do so. That is VERY rare and hard to find. We will most certainly be using them for refinancing in the future and will be recommending them to everyone we know!!
Cormac Abate Avatar
Cormac Abate
ROCKSTAR TEAM! Everyone we met with was informative, knowledge, and extremely helpful during the entire process. We initially met with Jon who went over in detail what was to be expected and all of our options. We then worked closely with Kimper and Lisa who were so helpful and quick to respond when needed. The entire team were rockstars!! They got us a great rate with an extremely quick turn around (2 weeks!!)! Highly recommend Jon & his team.
Brighid Cahill Avatar
Brighid Cahill
Brian Atha was amazing to work with during our home buying experience! He was always readily available and answered all our questions, no matter how silly or small. We appreciate all Brian has done for us!
Chelsea Molnar Avatar
Chelsea Molnar
Brian Atha and his team provided me with the lowest interest rate and phenomenal customer service. I was originally going with a big name popular morgage lender who I already had a morgage with but I switched in the last weeks to Brian Atha and his team and I'll never regret it. In fact Brian Atha and his professional team provided me with most importantly the lowest interest rate but also the communication responsiveness and attention respect and quite frankly care, just simply caring about me that I needed at the end of my horrible year of attempting to bid on houses in this insane market this past year. The big bank lender I was going to stick with because I was familiar with them was like babysitting. I was chasing them on the phone playing email and phone tag, for what? I'm giving them business! It's thousands of dollars I'm chasing them down to make this deal happen? Then they would say they'd match whatever Brian said. This haggling was annoying as anything like bargaining with a used car salesman but that's what it is all business. Everyone wants your money but are they willing to give you what you need? I was so darn stressed out after this year losing 9 houses I was about to lose my mind. Brian answering my phone calls even at 10 pm and texting me right back was worth a million dollars. He was calm, his voice is even calming and he's so knowledgeable and professional and he made a personal connection. He knew exactly who I was when I called and texted, it wasn't some phone tree or a secretary saying your morgage guy is out right now can I take a message. Anyway keeping the focus on the positive. Brian Atha and his team literally restored my faith in humanity because I was being so treated like a number by the big name morgage people. Who cares who the loan is with they all sell them anyway. I personally could care less who my morgage check goes to. And here's the kicker. He showed up at settlement, which I wasn't expecting with Chocolate for everyone. He was like a tall white haired Abe Lincoln with a smile. He told me he'd be there for me any questions in the future!!! What? I thought he was going to drop me like a hot potato just like I know my other big name lender once the transaction was over. I believe him too because I got his name from my work friend Shellie who is a daisy nominated nurse and she still asks him questions to this day! I trust Shellie. I'm a nurse and before that I worked at wegmans so I know trustworthy honest hard working customer service down to earth people. I am one and so is Brian Atha and his team. You don't owe anyone anything in this life. Do what's best for You! It's all business but if you're lucky like me and take a chance on Brian you'll have a lifelong connection to someone who is willing to go the extra mile for you and you'll get the best interest rate, the best customer service experience of your life and a friend for life. That's my truth. Good luck in your home buying experience I wish you the best! Thank you Brian Atha I love my new house and new friend/ business relationship whatever this is. I'll call you in about 6 years when I'm ready to move again and recommend you to everyone I know.
Helen Tutino Avatar
Helen Tutino
I've worked with Ritter Mortgage twice and had a great experience both times! What I liked most about Brian and Ritter Mortgage is how responsive he was. He moved us through the process of refinancing our home quickly and efficiently, and he thoroughly answered all of our questions. He was warm, kind, and professional - and everyone we spoke with at Ritter was the same. Even after the refinance process was complete, the Ritter team reached out to make sure all was well on our end and any loose ends around insurance was handled.
Natalie Mangrum Avatar
Natalie Mangrum
It was such great news when Kimper called to inform us that we had been pre-approved. She worked with us through the journey and sent out helpful information and emails to keep us on track with our first home buying experience. great follow up with us. Many thanks to Kimper and the Ritter Mortgage team.
Darlene Brown Avatar
Darlene Brown
Very professional and outstandingly helpful people. We are so happy we decided to go with Ritter mortgage group. Kara and others who helped were absolutely amazing. Will definitely be recommending them to others and using them again if needed.
Justin Lewis Avatar
Justin Lewis
Just a great overall experience, from application to close - the team at Ritter Mortgage was top-notch. Great communication, super efficient, very helpful - I can't say enough good things about these people. If you want a mortgage group that legitimately cares and works hard for you... You'll find them here. Thanks Jon, Kasey, and Lisa!!!!
Jay McC Avatar
Jay McC
Brian was extremely helpful throughout the entire home buying process! We are very grateful and would choose to work with him on any future home buying needs!
Katherine Lofland Avatar
Katherine Lofland
It was a great experience to work with Ritter Mortgage. Kimper was always very responsive to to any questions which I had!
Naseer Humayun
We finished our closing today and everything went seamlessly. We can't thank the team enough for simplifying the process and keeping us so informed at each step of the way. What could have been a very stressful process wasn't stressful at all. We thought you would also like to know that our real estate agent also commented how great you guys were to work with.
Cheney Hibschman Avatar
Cheney Hibschman
Brian went above and beyond to help my husband and I buy our first house, from the early nascent "what might this look like" stage, to running scenarios, assuaging our fears, and helping us lock in a competitive rate, we can't say enough positive things about our experience! Highly recommend Brian. His expertise and calm, confident mannerism were a huge asset to us in our buying process. Especially in this wild market, it's important to have people on your team who you can trust -- Brian was that for us.
Caitlin Rudy Avatar
Caitlin Rudy
This has been a crazy season for my wife and I. We both work full-time, I am also in school full-time as a student, we are expecting our first children (identical twin girls) in about a week and a half, and after the house we were expecting to move into to rent in January fell through last minute, we were scrambling. An already heavy workload between our jobs and school, and a time crunch to find the right home in a wild-west housing market before our kids arrived, felt like the perfect storm. We were stressed, exhausted, and honestly a little scared.

When I announced at work that my wife and I were looking for houses, my co-worker almost cut me off to ask if I had a loan advisor yet. He then proceeded to rant and rave about "his guy" Brian Atha, who had recently helped them with their mortgage loan. After about 5 minutes of talking about how "Brian is the best," I felt like I at least owed this guy a call. Turned out to be the best decision I could have made.

From our first conversation, I had no doubt in my mind who my wife and I would be trusting to handle our mortgage loan. Brian's calm, caring, confident, competent, AND professional approach, instantly started to chip away at the stress and fear of this massive undertaking. By the end of the whole process, Brian had more than lived up to every compliment, accolade, and expectation my co-worker laid out about him. I can shamelessly say that I am now that guy biting at the bit to recommend "my guy," Brian, to others.

If you are looking for an experienced, honest, responsive, patient, and more than competent loan advisor who you can trust to walk with you through the mortgage process, and work tirelessly for you to ensure you come out in the best position possible, call Brian Atha. You won't regret it!

Thanks again, Brian!
Evan Chase Avatar
Evan Chase
I’m so happy I decided to go with Ritter Mortgage Group When I was refinancing my home. Thomas Armaly my mortgage broker, made sure that we got the best rates and went above and beyond. Not only did I get a lower payment I also took out cash so that I could do some renovations. And my payment was still lower! The process was super simple and Thomas made it painless. We had a ton of questions and he was courteous kind and professional even though I know that we had a bit of a complicated refinance. I would definitely recommend Ritter mortgage group for buying your next home or refinancing your home. Thanks again Thomas for all of your hard work!
Christopher Avatar
Brian and his group made the process understandable and easy to navigate. It always takes work to buy or refinance, but Brian will guide you every step of the way!
EJ Hannig Avatar
EJ Hannig
Joseph and his team were very professional and knowledgeable. They did a fantastic job throughout the process. They guided me every step of the way and I felt confident the whole time.
Elbert Green Avatar
Elbert Green
I definitely recommend Ritter Mortgage Group. I worked with Brian and he made the experience very easy and painless lol. He explained everything in detail, got me the best rate possible and was available when I had questions.
Free Avatar
Jon, Landon, and Lisa are phenomenal people. They always picked up the phone and kept me informed every step of the way. They were in constant communication. Very thankful for their help!
Peter Baldwin Avatar
Peter Baldwin
I worked with Kimper and the Ritter mortgage team to purchase a new home. From start to finish, the experience was great! Kimper’s communication was excellent. She stayed in touch several days throughout the week and was very responsive to emails. She is very knowledgeable and offered me several great financing options that many other lenders were unable to match! Most importantly, she and her team worked aggressively to ensure a smooth, timely and seamless closing. They quickly mitigated issues as they came up and fulfilled their promise of a closing without any delays. I am extremely happy with Kimper and the Ritter Mortgage group and I am looking forward to working with them again!
Sasha McNeely Avatar
Sasha McNeely
Brian Atha has done my mortgages several times. He is fast, responsive, helpful and cares for the customers needs. Thank you!
Christalison Avatar
Our refinance was quick and painless. Their processors are fabulous and walk you through everything! Best decision we’ve made this year going with Ritter Mtg.
Susanah Smith Avatar
Susanah Smith
Ritter Mortgage Group is a great mortgage brokerage with access to a variety of lenders that offer all kinds of different types of loans. Worth checking out no matter your situation!
Landon Morrison Avatar
Landon Morrison
The folks at Ritter were amazingly helpful with my recent refinance. When my first lender fell through at the last minute, they went the extra mile to find me another one in just a matter of a few weeks. I highly recommend this company!
Merle Soyke Avatar
Merle Soyke
Ritter mortgage group made the house buying and lending process very smooth. Being a first time home buyer I had many questions and needed extra guidance which Brian Atha and the everyone at Ritter Mortgage helped so much with everything. 10/10 would recommend doing business with them
Kyle Pennewill Avatar
Kyle Pennewill
Brian from Ritter Mortgage was truly outstanding! From our first call he was very upfront about all options and found creative ways to create the best option for our situation. He was always accessible and quick to respond. Though we had a lot of questions Brian was patient, loving and kind throughout the process answering all of concerns in detailed explanation. My family are very grateful for Brian and highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home!
Tommy Schumacher Avatar
Tommy Schumacher
If you're in the market for a home and need help finding a quality lender at a very competitive rate, then Ritter Mortgage is the broker for you. This is our second time using them. Thanks Brian for helping us to navigate and understand all the complexities of mortgage financing and getting us into our new home today! Couldn't have done it without you.
David D Avatar
David D
Colette Evans was very easy to work with. She procured a fairly complicated mortgage in a very reasonable amount of time. She communicated with me on what the market was doing and was knowledgeable of different approaches to take. I will work with Colette again.
Karen Baumann Avatar
Karen Baumann
We had an excellent experience with our mortgage refinance. Brian was extremely helpful and when we had any questions he got back to us very quickly. The process was easy and painless and we would definitely recommend Brian to any of our friends and family.
Jenna Rakestraw Avatar
Jenna Rakestraw
Without a doubt they made one of the more complex processes anyone can go through so simple and enjoyable. Not only was everything completed in a timely manner, but they are very responsive to questions AND they go above and beyond during and after the settlement on our new home! They even bought us dinner on our first night at our new house. OH! and on top of that you will not find a better interest rate than what they can get for you. I can not stop saying great stuff about everyone at Ritter Mortgage Group!
Adam Hittner Avatar
Adam Hittner
Communication was precise and clear when I needed it ~ it was delivered to me in my first (native) language which is ASL. My questions were answered. Highly recommended agency!
Paula Ammons Avatar
Paula Ammons
I'd give a 6th star if I could. It is not often you find such commitment to following through on what was pitched and promised from the get go. From the time they spent explaining their business, how they get the most competitive rates to their process of closing in a short time, the entire experience was incredible. This is a team of true pros that work to get it done. They gave me an aggressive timeline to close, and we even beat that by 6 days. During the day of our rate lock Kasey was amazing. She was laser focused on locking the best rates and making sure I had full understanding of my options. We locked, and never looked back. Emails responded to within an hour, consistently. Their proposal tool side-by-side analysis was comprehensive, detailed, and very easy to read. Hard to think what could have been better about the experience. I'd recommend them to anyone looking. Do your self a favor and speak to this team.
Ryan Farrell Avatar
Ryan Farrell
Treated us as if we were family. Great experience and prompt attention.
Scott Morrison Avatar
Scott Morrison
This my second time using Ritter mortgage (new home purchase and refinancing) and we had a great experience both times! The whole Ritter team is friendly, professional and is always available to answer any questions or walk you through the lending process. They are wonderful with communication and keep you updated along the way. Can't say enough good things!
Ashley Pridemore Avatar
Ashley Pridemore
Our principal contact from the beginning until the end was Kasey Tompkins, Home Loan Advisor. She was a pleasure to work and was committed to being there for us as we needed. There was timely response to all inquiries. They were able to answer all of our questions to our satisfaction. They sought to find mortgage refinancing that we were hoping to achieve and mininize the closing costs that we chose to include in the refinancing. Everyone we dealt with over the phone, via text and/or email was courteous and professional. In addition, the title company they connected with to conduct the closing was thorough, professional and made it a very painless and quick process for us. We would not hesitate to work with them again if the need and opportunity presented itself.
Edward Meerholz Avatar
Edward Meerholz
Brian Atha was absolutely wonderful. He is very knowledgeable, kind, patient, and very helpful. I have worked with Ritter Mortgage and Brian several different times and I am certain I will be using them in the future.
Karrie Merryman Avatar
Karrie Merryman
Ritter Mortgage Group and Brian Atha are the best. I have known and worked with Brian several times over the years and find him to be a most considerate and accommodating individual. Always on target in understanding my needs, he and his group works quickly and efficiently. I deeply appreciate Brian and his group on their mastery of the business. Thanks again for a fruitful end product.
Lance Ledebur Avatar
Lance Ledebur
Brian Atha and the Ritter Mortgage Group are wonderful to work with. Brian helped guide me through the process as I was buying the house on my own. He truly went the extra mile - even coming to my house to pick up some papers that I wasn't able to send electronically! He was very kind and patient with me, explaining everything I needed to do and complete. I know it wasn't always easy for me but with Brian's help, I accomplished it. He made me feel that he did have my best interests at heart. I'm very grateful!
Sally Sellman Avatar
Sally Sellman
If you're looking for a 5 star company Ritter Mortgage Group is the company your are looking for. I can promise you will not find a more professional company that will walk you through every step of the process, from application to your first payment. Brian Atha and his team are second to none! This is definitely a company that makes you feel like you are their only client and will work hard and be available to you at all times. So thankful and blessed to have found Ritter Mortgage Goup!
Rachel Boyer Avatar
Rachel Boyer
Fast response. Great results
Sobhy Soliman Avatar
Sobhy Soliman
Brian Atha at Ritter Mortgage was great. Unlike other mortgage brokers I talked to, he took the time to understand my goals and show me the analysis virtually. He also was will to take the time to adjust some options in real time to find the best option for me. I even learned how to figure out my break even point with each possible option. They also matched or beat previous offers.

They were very patient with me reminding me when I forgot to sign this or that form as well as helped me get some documents I had troubles obtaining (e.g., HOA statement). Overall, my experience was fantastic and all except for the final closing was done virtually and was done very quickly.
Michael Folkendt Avatar
Michael Folkendt
Jon Ritter is Children of Deaf Adult and signs fluently. He is available to communicate with deaf clients like me through sign language and helps me understand loan applications. Working with Kasey and Kellie was very helpful with me through the difficult application process. In the end, I received low interest on the mortgage loan. Outstanding team I could have worked with! Highly recommended!
Jennine Gosk Avatar
Jennine Gosk
Brian from Ritter kept myself and my son informed through the entire process of his first purchase of a home. We are grateful for all his hard work and dedication. Thanks again for being so kind and cooperative, guiding my son along the way through his first experience of becoming a homeowner.
Shannon Woodcock Avatar
Shannon Woodcock
Between buying our LAST house hopefully, or refinancing, we have always counted on Brian and the Ritter mortgage group. Honesty, integrity, and genuine care to do the best for his customers rates beyond a 5 for us. We cant say enough positive things about them. Thank you all for all your hard work getting things done for us.
Jennifer Mister Avatar
Jennifer Mister
Brian was very helpful in the refi process. He was able to get me the best price and was available whenever I needed him. Highly recommend.
Daniel Rizza Avatar
Daniel Rizza
Thank you! Thank you! for another wonderful refinance! You (and your team including settlement) have made this whole process efficient and expedited and I appreciate all the hard work to get us a fantastic rate with minimal costs and that we had such an easy time with closing within about a month of first contacting you. I know I have done several loans with you and each time it is such a pleasant and professional experience. I highly recommend you and your services.
Alexandra Bloom Avatar
Alexandra Bloom
Working with Brian made the lending process seem so easy! He is friendly, professional, and clearly values honesty and integrity. Working with him took away the stress of the whole process and helped us to enjoy buying a home. We will always recommend Brian and the Ritter mortgage group!
Sarah Fernandez Avatar
Sarah Fernandez
Exceptional professionalism, knowledge, & efficiency! Brian was a pleasure to work with. I'm so grateful for the introduction by our shared client, and I'm certain we'll do again! Sincere thanks for the partnership and a smooth and successful transaction. Lisa Barton, Coldwell Banker Realty, Annapolis Plaza
Lisa Barton Avatar
Lisa Barton
The speed at which we were able to secure a loan and move to close was remarkable. I always appreciated Brian and his team's efforts to be prompt with responses and their ability to keep the process moving forward!
Craig Fadel Avatar
Craig Fadel