Case Study Finds: Mortgage Broker Meets Clients Needs


That’s how Zach Zander describes the mortgage loan process. From application to ownership, first-time homebuyers, especially, face a multitude of potential hazards. Helping them navigate that minefield has been Zach’s job for the past eleven years. His main goal? To help as many families as he can “work through the process with as little stress as possible for them.” That includes alleviating buyers’ fears, which Zach enjoys. He is especially fond of working with first-time buyers as they are the ones who most need a guiding hand. Zach has purposefully partnered with other reputable professionals to create a bundle of services for his clients that ensures the best possible experience from beginning to end. His clients may not avoid the mines altogether, but at least he knows he is helping them find safer ways around them.


Zach grew frustrated with the unprofessionalism of many mortgage “professionals” who unnecessarily complicated the process instead of providing answers for his clients. As a Realtor who prides himself on providing stellar customer service, he found the lack of responsiveness from loan officers unacceptable. “I would have a client ready to write an offer, and I couldn’t reach the mortgage officer to get answers! It puts a screeching halt to everything.” The mortgage loan process is not exempt from Murphy’s Law. A variety of issues may arise which complicate things for buyers. “Mortgage loan officers know what things we might run into,” says Zach. The ramifications of a seemingly simple oversight or missed return phone call can be huge. The entire process hangs in the balance. “The buyer doesn’t know what’s going on and can’t move forward on possible offers. They could lose the house of their dreams!” Zach resorted to contacting managers to notify them of the problems, but it wasn’t an option to continue working with those officers who dropped the ball when every day mattered.

Responsiveness and organization are two of the key traits he looks for when choosing a loan officer to with which to partner. “I want someone with a methodical way of working from contract to settlement.”


His answer was Jon Ritter, president of Ritter Mortgage Group. “Jon and I have been working together for the entirety of my career.” Jon began earning Zach’s trust in 2004 when he worked as the loan officer on Zach’s own property purchase, so when frustrations arose with other loan officers, it only made sense for Zach to begin referring the majority of his clients to Jon. Among the things he likes best about working with Jon are that he is knowledgeable, successful, and professional.


Not only has Jon been a wealth of knowledge for Zach, but he takes the unique approach of educating every client in one-on-one meetings using the latest technological tools to ensure that the buyer is aware of what is going on during every step of the process. “He meets with my clients personally. He does a video for them and gives them different loan options, rather than just picking for them.” Zach relies on Jon throughout the process to answer any loan related questions his clients have.


Zach now has the confidence that Jon will meet clients’ needs immediately. The positive feedback from customers on post-closing questionnaires is proof that choosing Jon was the right thing to do. Jon’s systematic approach to the mortgage loan process is comforting to Zach. “He utilizes videos to tell us where we are in the process. They’re great for me and incredible for the client.” More importantly, “He’s present and available, patient and responsive.”


Jon’s ability to find answers to challenging circumstances helps him rise above typical loan officers. “There are hurdles that we have to overcome, and Jon finds answers to challenges. I’ve had some loans that looked sour to other lenders, but Jon made it happen. My clients have been thrilled with him. Jon gives me the confidence to I know that when I refer clients to him, they’re in best hands they can be.”