Tim, Janice, Andrew, Faye, and Austin

The Wards were bursting at the seams in their Harford County, Maryland townhome. They were looking to stay local but add some square footage to accommodate their family of five. So started the discussion of where they would go and how much house they could afford. The name of a local home loan specialist from Ritter Mortgage Group, had come up several times in Tim and Janice’s social circles, and from what Tim could tell, he was working wonders for the Ward’s friends. But Tim is not one to make quick decisions…especially with the largest purchase of his life – especially with the financial security of his young family on the line. As a federal employee, Tim presented Ritter Mortgage with multiple mortgage programs available to him through various federal credit unions. What he found, though, was that Ritter was able to top each one with a better option, so going with them was the obvious choice.


Only six months after the Wards sold their townhouse and settled into their dream home, Ritter Mortgage reached out to the them again. A significant drop in mortgage rates meant that a refinance made financial sense for them. Thankful for that kind of monitoring on their behalf, Tim and Janice refinanced their mortgage. “What made it even more unique was that COVID-19 hit, causing uncertainty in the market, but our loan specialist navigated it all. We closed, locking in a lower rate, and dropped our monthly mortgage payment by $180 per month.”


That’s the kind of personalized service you get from Ritter Mortgage. “If you go to a big bank, you’re only dealing with that bank,” says Tim. “I think people don’t realize that. When you go to Ritter Mortgage, they’re shopping for you to get the best rate. That makes all the difference in the world. The traditional brick and mortar bank tries to entice you into only their bank’s programs. Ritter Mortgage shops around with multiple lenders. They’re doing the legwork on your behalf.”


Moving day can be rough! Anyone who has experienced it knows. First of all, it requires packing up every item you own – every. single. item. – right down to the last spoon! But that’s merely the beginning. Only after your entire life is packed, loaded, shipped, and unloaded can the unboxing begin – leading to even more work! In the meantime, you’ll be living out of those boxes until you’ve managed to unpack. Where did that spatula go, anyway? Add three small children, a hot, humid midsummer moving day…well, it can be enough to put a person over the edge! 

Ritter Mortgage dropped off an insulated cooler bag full of cold Gatorade and water. “It was a thoughtful, timely gift and just another example of the personal touch that sets the company apart.” The Wards have been so happy with their experience with Ritter Mortgage that they often recommend them to family and friends. “I have referred people to them probably a dozen times. I’ve heard from others that their broker wasn’t responsive or wasn’t familiar with some of the paperwork. Friends of ours would have to reach out to their lender multiple times and didn’t know where they were in the process or what was required of them. That certainly was not the case with Ritter. They always made time. Expectations were set and adjusted as needed. There were no surprises. It was a great experience all around.”


Working with Ritter Mortgage enabled the Ward family to afford more house than they thought they could. They now reside comfortably in their dream home. “We’ve had lots of bonfires during quarantine, and we even ended up getting a puppy, Millie Mae, due to the refi! Our relationship with Ritter Mortgage is a long-term partnership. It’s not just the transaction of buying a house but also monitoring what the market is doing to help with on-going decisions. We were able to save on our mortgage payment, which was a big deal for a young family in a new house trying to get ahead.”